Hello Middlesbrough!

Welcome to Hands on Middlesbrough, a not for profit organisation set up to protect, support and promote Middlesbrough’s historic environment and wild green spaces.

The heart and soul of a community can be found in the places and spaces people care about. Heritage, architecture, green space, art & culture are the things that make our town special and a nice place to live and should be protected for future generations to enjoy.

Middlesbrough is Changing. The Local Plan stipulated that 7,000 new homes are planned in Middlesbrough between now and 2029, but the Local Plan is soon to be under review. This has been necessitated by recent amendments made by Central Government to National Planning Policy Framework and Housing and Planning Bill, the new Local Plan is to be adopted in 2018, following public consultation. Hands on Middlesbrough believe it is more important than ever, that communities should have a say in how the town develops and be better consulted regarding planning applications. The power is in the hands of communities to ensure that Middlesbrough changes for the better, we need to identify the places and spaces we value and want to safeguard by taking responsibility and getting actively involved in protecting & supporting them.

Hands on Middlesbrough will apply to Historic England to protect any council owned site identified by the community as worthy of listed status or scheduling (particularly heritage at risk) and compile a Heritage & Green Space Local List of places and spaces important to communities.

We aim to protect, support & promote Middlesbrough’s heritage and green space by organising creative “hands on” projects, workshops & task days to enhance our living environment and demonstrate the importance of heritage and green spaces.  We will also host free community events and fund small scale restoration & conservation projects in Middlesbrough.

To volunteer for any of our projects please contact handsonmiddlesbroughfuture@gmail.com