Victory To Protect Middlesbrough’s Cultural Heritage


Members of Hands on Middlesbrough managed to gain a small victory regarding the mosaic at Scandinavian House, Church and Seaman’s Mission on Linthorpe Road.

Lloyds pharmacy on Linthorpe Road covered up the mosaic by an unknown artist, which according to some local artists depicts the searchlights during WWII, although it has also been said to represent the ships and dockyards on Teesside.

The mosaic has been a unique and beautiful part of our urban landscape since the 1960s. The pharmacy covered it up not realising its significance to the local community.

Hands on Middlesbrough members raised awareness and complained to Lloyds head office and Middlesbrough Council planning department. It was revealed that the pharmacy had not gained planning permission from the council and within days the advertisement was taken down and the mosaic returned to its former glory.

Shame the bins are often stood in front of it, but at least it is back and our cultural heritage has been preserved.


Apology from Pharmacy Chain, Teesside Gazette