Friends of Linthorpe Cemetery & Nature Reserve, by Malcolm Cummins

DSCN5484The Friends of Linthorpe Cemetery and Nature Reserve, The friends: are an amorphous group of people from all walks of life who come together with one goal, to make the Linthorpe cemetery a more welcoming and relaxing place for people, to enjoy the walks, fresh air, history, botany, wildlife and feeling of wellbeing. They are passionate about “Our Cemetery”, the desire to make it attract people to come and explore its mysteries, its flora and fauna which in some cases is unique to the cemetery. They have been doing this for a long time working away quietly and un-noticed with occasional bursts of publicity then dropping back into obscurity.


The friends drop into many individual groups which crossover and cross fertilise, the study of the flora and fauna, the birds, the bats, the history, the cemetery is a microcosm of the history of Middlesbrough, it’s development from a hamlet to an international port/city, it’s founders, civic dignitaries, it’s people, past and present.

The friends have a plan: long term and short term, but both directed at a common aim, they want the people of Middlesbrough to be able to come in and enjoy this open space of ours (53 acres) in the middle of town, to be able to relax, sit, converse amongst themselves and with nature, conduct research if they desire. Most of all do it safely.DSCN5429

We the friends do not do it all on our own, we could not. We are ably supported and guided by the team at The Bereavement Services Department not withstanding our strongest ally Paul Holmes, our dedicated gardener who helps, aids, guides, nurtures both us and the plants whilst also doing his duties that are his day to day job. So many people have said to us Paul the gardener pointed the way out to me, told me where it was, without him I would never have found it.

Thank you for your time.

Malcolm Cummins

Vice Chair of FoLC&NR

FOLC & NR Website

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