HANDS ON MIDDLESBROUGH Heritage & Green Space Local List


Hands on Middlesbrough is compiling a list of places and spaces important to the community.

Any built structure with historical and cultural significance or green space (including woodland) used by the community can be added to a Heritage and Green Space Local List which will be presented to the council. The current Local list identifies 91 buildings or sites:

  •  buildings and sites of architectural quality;
  •  buildings and sites of historic interest; and,
  •  buildings and sites having townscape value and/or group value


The buildings or sites identified by the Heritage & Green Space Local List which meet this criteria will be presented to the council with the possibility that they may be added to the council local list.

Hands on Middlesbrough will apply to English Heritage for registration and investigation of any council owned heritage sites deemed worthy of Listed Status by the public.

bush street


Green Space will be presented to MBC as a record of the spaces used by communities and that the public want protecting for future generations. That is not to say they will be protected but by compiling a list it identifies green space important to local people.

Any Grade II Listed Building identified as At Risk will be photographed by Hands on Middlesbrough and their use and condition recorded. This information will be provided to English Heritage so that they are aware of our heritage at risk.

Old Town Hall

Please email handsonmiddlesbroughfuture@gmail.com with any photographs or recommendations of spaces or places you would like to protect or join our Facebook group.

captain cook

Teesside Gazette “12 Cherished Places in Middlesbrough Campaigners Say Need Protecting”

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