Middlesbrough Local List

The Local List identifies 91 buildings, structures, parks, gardens and open spaces in

Middlesbrough which are thought to be of local architectural and/or historic interest. The Local

List does not include nationally important buildings, of which there are 126 on the statutory list in



Britannia Testing House,

Riverside Park

Architect: unknown

Date: 1926


The Former Ship Inn Public House

Stockton Street

Architect: unknown

Date: c. early 19th Century


Locomotive Shed and Gate Piers

(Bolckow and Vaughan’s Ironworks)

Vulcan Street

Architect: unknown

Date: c. 1880


Storrow’s Building, Dock Street

Architect: unknown

Date: 1860


Middlesbrough Dock, Middlehaven

Architect: Cubitt, W.

Date: 1842


Bridge Inn Public House,

Bridge Street East

Architect: unknown

Date: 1858


Lord Byron Public House, Bridge Street


Architect: unknown

Date: 1864


Warehouse, School Croft

Architect: unknown

Date: c.1900


Navigation Inn, Cargo Fleet Lane

Architect: unknown

Date: c.1880


Isaac Wilson Public House

(former County Court)

65 Wilson Street

Architect: Hawkes

Date: 1901


Wellington Hotel and 9 Albert Road

Architect: R. Moore

Date: Wellington Hotel (1891)

Number 9 Albert Road (1900)


13-25 Albert Road

Architect: unknown

(Kitching Building: Kitching & Archibald)

Date: c.1900 (Kitching Building: 1936)


Barracuda (Former National

Westminster Bank), 42 Albert Road

Architect: unknown

Date: 1938


The Princess Alice Public House and

adjoining terrace,

65-69 Newport Road

Architect: unknown

Date: c.1866


Debenhams, 1 Newport Road

Architect: W.G. Roberts (1862) &

A. Forrester (1910)


Miss Selfridge, 64-66 Linthorpe Road

(former jewellers)

Architect: Lofthouse & Son

Date: 1898


William Hill, 17 Corporation Road

Architect: unknown

Date: c. 1890


Dr. Browns Public House,

135 Corporation Road

Architect: J. W. Bottomly

Date: 1862


House of Fraser, 37 Linthorpe Road

Architect: W. & T.P. Milburn

Date: 1957


Multi Media Centre, La Pharmacie and

Medicine Bar,

72-80 Corporation Road

Architect: R. Moore

Date: 1898


St Mary’s Centre, 82-90 Corporation Road

Architect: Duncan & Lofthouse

Date: 1881, 1988


The Green Tree Public House, Gilkes


Architect: unknown

Date: late 19th Century


Peel Engravers,and adjoining terrace,

Gilkes Street

Architect: unknown

Date: c.1870


Methodist Church and Sunday School,

126-132 Linthorpe Road

Architect: R. Lofthouse

Date: 1892 & 1910


The Crown Public House

51-53 Borough Road

Architect: J. Forbes

Date: 1923


Former Southbrooke Girls School,

154 Borough Road

Architect: J.R. Garthwaite

Date: 1882


King Edwards Square, University

Architect: unknown

Date: c.1890


Gazette Offices, Borough Road

Architect: unknown

Date: 1938


Psyche, 175-187 Linthorpe Road

Architect: unknown

Date: 1950s


TS One Public House,

200 Linthorpe Road

Architect: Kitching & Archibald

Date: 1926


Christadelphian Hall, Southfield Road

Architect: R. Kitching

Date: 1903


The Roseberry Public House,

Acklam Road

Architect: R.R. Kitching & Co.



Whinney Banks School, Acklam Road

Architect: P.B. Haswell

(completed by F. Mellor)

Date: 1937-1938


St Francis Roman Catholic Church,

Acklam Road

Architect: F. Spink



Samuelson’s Working Men’s Club,

Parliament Road

Architect: W.E. Mills

Date: 1904


The Co-operative Building,

251-255 Linthorpe Road

Architect: unknown

Date: 1941


St Aidan’s Church, Clifton Street

Architect: L.J. Moore

(son of Temple Moore)

Date: 1940


University Sports Centre,

University of Teesside, Laura Street

Architect: Danby & Simpson

Date: 1908


 Mosque and Community Centre,

133a Waterloo Road

Architect: W. Duncan

Date: 1900


34 Park Road North

Architect: J. Taylor



214 –216 Marton Road

Architect: W.M. Halton



Derwent Street Community Centre, North


Architect: Alexander & Henman (Stockton)

Date: 1875


Linthorpe Cemetery

Architect: unknown

Date: 1869


Linthorpe Community Primary School

Architect: W.H. Blessley

Date: 1874


51 Cambridge Road

Date: c.1910

Architect: unknown


 5-19 Claude Avenue

Architect: unknown

Date: c.1899-1910


110 The Avenue, Linthorpe

Architect: unknown

Date: c.1860


East Lodge, Albert Park

Architect: A. Adams

Date: 1867


353-359 Linthorpe Road (opposite Dorman


Architect: unknown

Date: c.1890


United Reform Church, Linthorpe Road

Architect: Archibald & Kitching



Albert Park Public House,

406 Linthorpe Road

Architect: W.H. Blessley

Date: c.1868


Cleveland Hotel, 50 Poplar Terrace,

Linthorpe Road

Architect: R.H. Clark

Date: (1857) remodelled in the 1930s


Kirby College, Roman Road

Architect: A. Forester

Date: 1911


The Linthorpe Hotel, The Crescent

Architect: unknown

Date: unknown


Holmwood, Orchard Road

Architect: Lofthouse

Date: c.1882-1895


Redlands Conservative Club,

Orchard Road, Linthorpe

Architect: unknown

Date: c.1870


Roseberry, 274 Marton Road & Park View,

276 Marton Road

Architect: unknown

Date: c.1865


St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church,

Marton Road

Architect: T. Crawford

Date: 1934


Holy Name of Mary RC Church,

The Avenue, Linthorpe

Architect: T. Crawford

Date: 1938

Former Sacred Heart Convalescence Home

and Presbytery, adjacent to Holy Name of

Mary Church , The Avenue, Linthorpe

Architect: unknown

Date: c.1900 (Presbytery) c.1880

(Convalescence Home)


Blue Bell Hotel, Acklam Road

Architect: unknown

Date: 1939


Slip Inn Bridge, Ladgate Lane

Architect: N/A

Date: circa early 18th Century


St Mary’s Church, Church Lane,

Architect: unknown

Date: 1874


Danby House and Blacksmith’s

Forge, 321 Acklam Road

Architect: Unknown -built by the

Acklam Hall Estate

Date: 1878 (forge possibly earlier )


West Lodge, Acklam Road

Architect: Walter Brierley (TBC)

Date: 1912


Newham Bridge

Architect: unknown

Date: 18th Century


South Lodge, Acklam Road

Architect: Walter Brierley (TBC)

Date: 1912


88-90 The Grove

Architect: unknown

Date: c.1910


East Lodge, 76 The Grove

Architect: Gustav Martens and John Ross

Date: c.1860


83-85 The Grove

Architect: unknown

Date: c.1907


Stewart Park

Architect: unknown

Date: Stewart Park opened 1923, but many

park features date from mid-19th Century

and earlier.


West Lodge (former Marton Hall),

Stokesley Road

Architect: Gustav Martens and John Ross

Date: c.1860


Drinking Fountain, Stokesley Road

Architect: unknown

Date: 1879


The Fountain Inn, Ormesby High Street

Architect: David H White



Eastleigh and Westleigh,

Ormesby High Street

Architect: William Searle Hicks

(Johnson and Hicks: Newcastle)

Date: 1876


Methodist Chapel and adjoining smithy,

Meldyke Lane, Stainton

Architect: unknown

Date: 1840


Stainton School, 6-8 Meldyke Lane

Architect: unknown

Date: 1876


14 Hemlington Road

Architect: unknown

Date: c.1800


1 Thornton Road, and 2-8 Maltby Road

Architect: unknown

Date: c. 1930


Newham Grange Farm (Newham Grange

Country Park)

Architect: unknown (vernacular)

Date: 1786/1847


Newham Hall Farm

Architect: unknown

Date: c.mid 19th Century


Lodges: 84 Gunnergate Lane and 21

Tollesby Lane

Architect: unknown

Date: 1857


14-16 Rookwood Road, Nunthorpe

Architect: unknown

Date: c.1920


Nunthorpe Station

Architect: unknown

Date: 1853


123 Guisborough Road, Nunthorpe

Architect: unknown

Date: c.1910


Red Cottage, Guisborough Road

Architect: 1910 (unknown) 1929 (Stephen H


Date: c.1910


Tudor Court, Church Lane

Architect: unknown

Date: c.1930


The Old School, Church Lane, Nunthorpe

Architect: unknown

Date: 1903


The Old Smithy, West Side

Architect: unknown

Date: c.1880


Hall Farm, Nunthorpe Village

Architect: unknown

Date: c.mid-19th Century

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