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Tees Valley Community Foundation has teamed up with Hands On Middlesbrough to provide funding for the Friends of Nature's World, in Acklam, Middlesbrough, to buy gardening tools to help in their conservation work at the site. Pictured, seated left, is Friends of Nature's World Chair, Scarlet Pink along with some of the project volunteers.

Photograph of Friends of Nature’s World, Courtesy of Tees Valley Community Foundation


Hands on Middlesbrough are always looking for volunteers to help on a variety of worthwhile community projects to protect, support and promote heritage and green space in Middlesbrough.

Friends of Nature’s World

If you would like to help Friends of Natures World restore the gardens and water features at (the formerly known as) Nature’s World site please register your interest with Middlesbrough Council which can be done online:


If you are a joiner with time on your hands, Friends of Nature’s World would like to recruit you to mend some of the fences too!

We have a mixed group of skills and abilities, some specialise in getting rid of brambles others are better with a paintbrush. We also have “experts” onsite who can share their knowledge of plants with us and occasionally we host free workshops for our volunteers so we can all improve our skills. 

If that doesn’t persuade you to join us, we also have a fantastic lady who makes soup for lunch in the winter and cakes in the summer!

Hands on Middlesbrough

For Hands on Middlesbrough Heritage projects we would like to recruit anyone interested in:

  • Local History
  • Archiving
  • Research
  • Middlesbrough’s historic buildings

We are also interested to recruit people who want to help us with:

  • Promotion
  • Community events

To get involved with our heritage projects please email:

 handsonmiddlesbroughfuture@gmail.com or use the “contact us” tab


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